Real estate and renewable energy are converging.

Sustainability & profitability are no longer at odds.

Catalyze transforms commercial real estate into more resilient, sustainable and profitable assets with integrated renewable energy solutions.

We’re your partner for the clean energy transition

Catalyze enables commercial real estate owners to benefit from the global transition to clean energy, without getting into the energy business. Start finding and capturing new value, providing tenant benefits through resiliency and enhancing your commercial real estate portfolio.

Experts + advanced technology pinpoint the best opportunities

Catalyze’s advanced analytics platform evaluates parcels in an entire portfolio or region to identify the most promising sites for producing and selling energy. Our core engine analyzes properties, buildings, demand, energy supply and network constraints in order to deliver the most value to our CRE partners.

How we do it

Unlock & Optimize Hidden Value


Identify ideal sites

We search across 165 million parcels with 320+ attributes each to pinpoint and evaluate properties for unrealized energy value.


Gain competitive edge

We create new revenue streams and increase tenant value for our partners to give them an advantage in asset and tenant acquisition.


Engineer for energy revenue

We design, finance and manage renewable energy production, storage and sales, turning complexity into lease and profit-sharing income for you.


Manage for long-term value

Because we are invested in the energy assets, we work smartly and adaptively to maximize returns over the life of our partnerships.

An innovative energy services partner & IPP

Catalyze is an innovative energy services partner and independent power producer (IPP). We develop, own, and operate renewable energy assets that provide economic value to medium and large-scale commercial real estate owners across the United States.

Our advanced technology platform and energy-as-a-tenant (EaaT) financial model reduce partners’ costs, increase net operating income, and provide tenant benefits like EV charging and resilience, while enhancing portfolio growth strategies.