Let’s change the world for the better

Catalyze partners with real estate owners, energy co-developers, utilities and local communities, to
transform buildings from being fossil-fuel consumers into renewable energy power plants. Together, we’re
creating the clean energy network of the future — for a future that’s more than ready.

Catalyze was founded on the principle that energy should be a sustainable, distributed resource. If we are going to truly tip the scales on carbon emissions, putting clean energy on commercial and industrial rooftops, parking lots and underutilized land must be part of the plan.
And it must be as economically viable as it is environmentally urgent.

Our Values

Do work that matters

We're dedicated to creating a meaningful impact on one of the greatest challenges of human existence: climate change. Our driving force is our shared passion and commitment to build a better world for future generations, while creating prosperity for all.

Become invaluable partners

We succeed through helping our partners sustainably upgrade their properties, uncover hidden profit opportunities, and become power players in the important, emerging, clean-energy economy. We stay engaged and supportive for the long-run to deliver impactful, profitable, and timely results.

Be good people

We act with respect, honesty, integrity, and dignity toward each other, our partners, and everyone in between and all around. We hold ourselves and each other accountable in order to deliver reliable solutions that achieve real results.

Create community

We are a dynamic, distributed workforce that’s committed to true collaboration and alignment. As a team of disruptors, leaders, idealists, and realists, we value and embrace everyone's diverse backgrounds, skills, and expertise. By fostering an inclusive culture, we’re building an empowered community where all can connect, belong, and thrive.

Think outside the parcel

Our team approaches challenges with enthusiasm and fresh eyes. We encourage creativity and innovative thinking by fostering a supportive environment to learn, share, grow, and experiment. Our collective ingenuity delivers impactful results for our partners and allows us to stay agile and resilient in an industry that is constantly changing.

Ready to make an impact?