Renewable Energy as a Tenant

Catalyze develops, builds, finances, owns, and operates renewable energy assets on C&I real estate, acting as a long-term tenant on your property. Our Energy-as-a-Tenant (EaaT) model makes it easy and profitable for commercial and industrial real estate owners to seamlessly integrate renewable energy solutions into existing infrastructure, for little to no costs.

By integrating Solar + Storage + EV charging, Catalyze maximizes cost efficiencies, and transforms a potential cost-center into a revenue-generating amenity, with no hassle to the property owner.



The cost of solar keeps dropping and in many states it is more economical to produce, sell and consume solar electricity than electricity from the grid.



As energy storage resources become available, the combination of solar + storage viably addresses real energy needs such as network constraints, resiliency, and reduced demand charges.


EV Charging

Both the requirement and demand to provide EV charging are increasing. Catalyze helps property owners turn that problem into profit.


Smart Controls

Weighing complex factors in real time, smart technology optimizes the value of energy produced and stored from all resources, and makes it available for best use.